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The endemic depletion of natural resources and the destruction of fragile environmental and social systems through the second half of the last century have compelled a growing global review of development patterns. For leading world companies, awareness of the vital need to balance issues of environmental health and social equity with long term financial viability is a challenge that is prompting a paradigm shift in business policy and practice. Embracing social development is being recognized as an essential criterion of business strategy. Sustainable development, premised on the conservation of natural and human resources, has emerged as a critical agenda.

As one of India’s most valued private sector companies, ITC is more than a business; it is an organ of society. A multi-business corporation of our scale draws enormous resources from India’s rural heartland – its soil, its ecology, its people. We believe in nurturing these in equal measure. Our commitment to the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ essentially aims at the co-creation of economic, environmental and social capital. This is a key enabler in our quest to build a sustainable enterprise, which is a vital principle of our corporate philosophy.

Social Responsibility Programme Policy

ITC Limited – ILTD Division is profoundly committed to the Social Responsibility Program spanning the entire tobacco value chain in compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements of the Republic of India with a drive towards achieving the best of National and International Standards.

It is our endeavor to achieve a balance between economically viable leaf production with the highest degree of product integrity and environmental protection, by advocating and educating farmers on the best practices in Integrated Crop Management, viz., reducing agrochemical inputs, promoting afforestation, conserving soil fertility, protecting water resources, improving quality, yield and farmer returns in tobacco production, minimizing fuel consumption and development of alternate fuels in curing. Moreover, the Division is also committed to protecting varietal integrity and shall not intentionally purchase any genetically modified tobaccos.

In all our business operations, we are committed to provision and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and other personnel, protection and preservation of external environment, conservation of energy, equal opportunity of employment to all based on merit, irrespective of caste, religion and sex, providing training and developmental inputs to all.

ILTD Division is deeply committed to its long-standing and time-tested policy of elimination of child labour in all facets of tobacco production and will continue to strive towards the same.

ILTD Division will also institute appropriate review mechanisms to ensure that the above policies are completely implemented, monitored and documented.

All personnel of ILTD Division are committed to the Social Responsibility Programme and understand its applicability and importance.

Child Labour Policy

ITC Limited – ILTD Division takes immense pride in complying with all relevant and applicable local and national labour regulations and principles relating to employment of child labour. There has absolutely not been any deployment of child labour ever since its inception in any of its operations. Furthermore, the Company will not employ any person under the age of 18 years in any capacity in any industrial operation under its control.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company is committed to the protection of children from exploitation. The Company believes that their future development and that of the communities in which they live is best served through education. This is in collaboration with all associated agencies applicable throughout the supply chain including the farming community. The Company aims to fulfill this commitment throughout the value chain by education through its field extension services and professional agencies, seeking to ensure that

  1. The welfare and health & safety of children are paramount at all times.
  2. No farm activity that could potentially put children at risk is undertaken by children, e.g., handling mechanical equipment, agro-chemicals, etc.
  3. Any form of farm practice including tobacco growing activities undertaken by children for the development of craft skills, does not conflict with or impede their proper educational development including school attendance.

The Divisional Management Committee will review this policy statement periodically. It will also be circulated to suppliers and service providers, who will be encouraged to adopt the policy as a best practice.

Gentically Modified Tobacco Holding Statement

ITC Limited – ILTD Division recognizes and respects the consumer and environmental concerns that have been expressed about genetic modification of crops.

ITC Limited – ILTD Division will not knowingly supply any form of genetically modified tobacco to any of its customers.

If genetically modified tobacco were found in any test sample from supplies to customers, we would trace the purchase to the farmer level through

  1. Tobacco Board and recommend for cancellation of the (Flue Cured)
  2. Directly deal with the individual farmers and no further tobacco purchases will be done from them (Non-Flue Cured)

The Divisional Management Committee would review GMO Tobacco Policy and its strict implementation periodically.

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